Herbal Remedy For Headaches

Herbal Remedy For Headaches

We’ve got a great headache remedy for you today!

Migraine Be Gone – Herbal Remedy!

This herbal remedy was developed by us for a family member who was constantly troubled with debilitating migraines.

Nothing natural worked for him and he was reluctant to use over the counter prescription medication. The last straw was when a GP prescribed epilepsy tablets. This was never going to happen so we created this unique herbal remedy especially for him and it worked! Since then, we’ve had customers use it for tension headaches, nerve pain, muscle pain, and all other types of pain with great success.

This natural headache remedy contains Turmeric which is anti-inflammatory, Meadowsweet which relieves pain due to natural salicylins, Mullein which helps combat sinus issues and peppermint which actually works to coool the body

One of our long term customers Sarah recently emailed us to say: “I was bit skeptical about this product but as I suffer from severe migraines. I decided to try it and OMG it truly worked. This is now my number 1 goto remedy at the first sign of any tension pain. My husband loves it too – THANK YOU!”

You can purchase this remedy below or you can purchase the individual ingredients on their own so you can adjust ratios to suit and make your own custom blend. – Just remember to let us kow how you get on.