Do Vitamin Supplements Actually Work?

Do Vitamins Actually Work

If you’re taking regular vitamins and mineral supplements watchout  for something very telling!

When you take your vitamins, do you notice that your urine turns bright yellow?

You probably do right? That’s all the vitamins and minerals that haven’t been absorbed and you’re literally flushing them down the toilet.

Next time you pick up your bottle,  read the labels and you will see crazy numbers such as 900% of the RDA!

Wow, 900% RDA, that’s all you need then surely? Not exactly. Our bodies don’t have perfect absorption and the more that we take of a certain vitamin or mineral in one dose the less of it we’re likely to absorb and as you now know, most of it is simply flushed out, providing us with no benefit

Some of those high quality supplements aren’t exactly cheap either right?

Unfortunately absorption isn’t the only issue with these supplements. Every vitamin and mineral has something called ‘agonists’ and ‘antagonists.’ (These are basically other vitamins and minerals that either increase or decrease absorption.) This means that if the nutrients are in the wrong proportions (andlets face it, no one really knows the right ones, because everyone’s needs vary). then it’s easy to not only cause deficiencies or excesses but for people with MTHFR mutations they can actually be toxic.

So, what’s the solution?
It’s simple really, just Trust Nature & Trust Herbs. – We don’t need mega doses of supplements that we can’t even absorb. And we need nutrients to be in the same form they are in food, an active form that’s highly bioavailable.

The obvious solution is Herbs!
Herbs have a lot of concentrated vitamins and minerals, in fact may are higher than many foods, but not nearly as much as these OTC supplements.

Here at UKherbals We combine herbs that are among the richest in nutrients and contain other health-promoting properties, and extract them with alcohol or glycerin.

We present to you:

Naturally Nourished:
This is our basic formula, which is ideal for kids, or the whole family. It contains nettle leaf*, alfalfa leaf*, dandelion leaf* and spearmint leaf*. Rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more. Provides energy and has a sweet, minty flavor!


Naturally Nourished – For Her:
This is our formula for her, with a couple of extra herbs to promote female hormone balance. It contains nettle leaf*, alfalfa leaf*, dandelion leaf*, raspberry leaf*, catnip*, and spearmint leaf*. It promotes healthy energy levels, milk supply, hormone balance, and more.

Naturally Nourished – For Him:
This formula is totally different, and intended specifically for his needs. It contains nettle leaf*, saw palmetto berry*, hawthorn berry*, ashwagandha root*, and turmeric root*. It supports energy levels, prostate health, gut health, heart health, adrenal health, and helps with stress.

These products are available to purchase below.  We also stock the singular ingredients which are also available below.

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